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Upcoming Live Trainings

Join us in our upcoming live trainings to win prizes and engage in Q&A sessions with our WorkTango experts.

June 26 at 3pm ET


Driving Employee Engagement with WorkTango: Customer Success Stories, Tips, and Strategies

Are you ready to take your employee engagement to the next level? Join us for an interactive webinar where top-performing organizations share their secrets to success with the WorkTango Recognition & Rewards platform.

Audience: Admins
Product: Recognition & Rewards

July 10 at 3pm ET

New Admin Essentials

Mastering Recognition: New Admin Essentials (Monthly)

Join our monthly training exclusively tailored for HR admins, whether you're new to the role or looking for a platform refresher. Discover how to unleash the true power of our Recognition & Rewards platform with expert guidance on employee recognition best practices and insider tips for maximizing its potential.

Audience: New Admins
Product: Recognition & Rewards

On-Demand Training Library

Missed the live action? Dive into our library of on-demand video trainings from recent live sessions!


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Mastering WorkTango Dashboards & Reports: Analyzing Engagement Made Easy

Unlock your potential as a data-savvy leader by mastering WorkTango Dashboards & Reports. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to leverage these tools for valuable insights, track engagement metrics, and drive motivation within your organization.

Audience: Admins
Product: Recognition & Rewards



How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day Every Day

As HR admins, you play a pivotal role in ensuring that every team member feels recognized and valued, not just on special occasions like Employee Appreciation Day, but every day. Learn how you can leverage the WorkTango platform to effectively recognize and appreciate your employees in a meaningful way.

Audience: Admins
Product: Recognition & Rewards


Leading the Way in 2024: WorkTango Playbook for Managers and Leaders

Leading the Way in 2024: WorkTango Playbook for Managers and Leaders

New year, new skills! Discover firsthand how you as leaders can leverage WorkTango to redefine leadership strategies, strengthen cultures, and fuel data-driven insights to ensure your employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

Audience: Managers
Product: Recognition & Rewards

Bite-sized Video Library

Unlock WorkTango's full potential with our bite-sized tutorial videos for admins, managers, and employees.

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